Part of what we believe God has called HT to is training, mobilizing and strategizing with the local church on reaching the lost, especially amongst Unreached People Groups. We know the Great Commission cannot be fulfilled without God’s people being empowered to reach the lost and we want to be a resource for that to happen.

We regularly train, encourage and coach churches in developing their own mission teams to reach the lost where they are located. We will help you to research the lost in your community and develop a strategy to empower workers to engage them. Our training is led by practitioners that have deep biblical knowledge, but utilize missional stories and illustrations to develop your leaders.

Some of the training included

  • The supremacy of the Great Commission and developing a Kingdom culture
  • The role and leading of the Spirit in ministry, especially as it relates to prayer and evangelism
  • Contextualizing your testimony and the gospel for different worldviews
  • Ways to get started in your community and overcoming barriers
  • Time together engaging with the lost

Next Steps

  • We have coordinated these trainings and strategies in a number of different ways, everything from a weekend conference to a multi week training.
  • We also work with leadership teams and mission committees in developing effective strategies for engaging UPGs
  • Reach out and we will explore how we might be able to partner in these areas: